MultiCHAX Pricing



Bank account limit: 5
Phone support: 1 month



Bank account limit: 10
Phone support: 1 month



Bank account limit: unlimited
Number of templates: unlimited
Phone support: 1 year
  • MultiCHAX has proven to be a valuable solution in the high tech revolution that is making our company more cost efficient and at the same time helping us fight check fraud.
    SG Partners, Inc.
  • We wanted a solution that would streamline our check┬áprinting process. We found it with MultiCHAX.
  • QuickBooks ProAdvisor
    This program and QuickBooks get along just great. I have printed hundreds of checks without a single snag.
    QuickBooks ProAdvisor
  • S. Perry
    I have to say that your team has been the best support in helping me fix my issues. I would highly recommend this software to anyone. I have never used this type of software so this is an experience for me. The techs are very knowledgeable and a huge help.
    S. Perry
    E Clark & Company
  • B. Blackman
    Support was quick, clear and concise. Ray is very well versed in MultiChax software and was able to identify and resolve my issue in just a few minutes!
    B. Blackman
    The Scurfield Company


Some of the features of the MultiCHAX: Check Printing Software

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